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In Ohinata, Sakuho-town, Nagano-pref.
We built a small cottage at a mountain side of the natural woodland which separated for a while from the colony.
The time flows graceful here, while the interval of farm labor or works in the mountain.
It is a special time to have Coffee or Beer while looking at Mt. Morai on the other side.
You can spend time, being surrounded by nature...
reading books slowly, taking a walk the mountain, listening songs of birds while lie on a hammock in the forest.

The space
About the building
・The building name is Sanson Terrace "off-grid tiny cottage"
・ The cottage was built by ourselves
・ Main building have just 1 room【includes kitchen & dining room】and 1 loft and a wood deck
・Separate building is washroom & toilet room

About equipment
※lifeline service is not coming at all.
It means there are no electric service and water service.
But we can get some service like below:
・Electricity ... Solar energy panels on the roof + battery system
・Cooking ... Portable gas stove
・Drinking water ... tap water in tanks
・Heating ... Wood stove & cylinder type oil stove 【It costs 500yen/day separately as the heating bill during October to March.】
・bath ... There are no bath, so I take you to nearby public bath
・toilet ... Cyclical earth toilet (not flush toilet)
・Internet ... Only Wi-fi
・Bedding ... Japanese Futon semidouble×1, single×1
・hammock ... for inside×1, for outside×1
・drink ... coffee, herb tea
・other things ... refrigerator
・other nothing ... hot-water supply machine, freezer compartment, microwave oven, oven, washing machine, drier, shower, TV
・rental bicycle ... 500yen/day
・amenity ... bath towel, face towel, toothbrush

Guest access
You can use whole the cottage and the square in front of the cottage, next forest.
You can walk in the forest around the cottage, but you don't remember that wild animals live in far in the mountains, too.

Other things to note
☆ Special affairs
※ I recommend you stay over 2 nights and please enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere in the nature.
※ Compared with general accommodations, the cottage is not comfortable and not convenient, either.
However, you can spend eco-friendly and graceful time without being not dependent on society about Energy.
※ a rental BBQ set is 2,000 yen.

★ Notes
※ If the weather in the daytime is not bad, you can use electricity satisfactorily while all night by solar energy panels & battery system,
but if the weather is bad, please cooperate with power saving.
※ There are some insects during May-November, because the cottage is surrounded by forests. Please take a bug spray, if you mind them.
※ About taking a bath... I take you to nearby public-bath.
※ It costs 500yen/day separately as the heating(wood stove and oil stove) bill during October to March.
※ If you make camp fire, it costs separately for woods.
※ Rental bicycle is 500yen/day.
※ Please be careful with fire.
※We have a license for lodging from Nagano Pref : 長野県佐久保健所指令27佐保第11-14号.

License number
Hotels and Inns Business Act | 長野県佐久保健所 | 長野県佐久保健所指令27佐保第11-14号

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

こんにちは。 岩下大悟と申します。長野県の佐久穂町という小さな山あいの村に、妻と赤ん坊とネコの寅吉と一緒に暮らしています。 出身は隣りの佐久市というところですが、 7年前に地元の友人たちと、小さな小屋を建て始めたことをきっかけに、 空間づくりや暮らし、自分たちにとっての山村文化に向き合うようになりました。 また、フィンランドに滞在した際には、森の暮らし、サマーコテージ文化、暮らしのデザイン性などに大きな影響を受けました。 そんな出来事や出会いに身を任せていたら、いつの間にか自分の生き方が定まっていきました。 今は ” Sanson Terrace (山村テラス) “という屋号で、自分たちが創りたい空間を、自分たちの手で少しずつ形にしています。プロの大工ではありませんので時間はとてもかかりますが、その土地に根ざした味わい深い個性溢れる空間を、少しずつ増やしていきたいと思っています。 これまでに3つの空間を作りました。 ・"山村テラス" since 2014 ( ・"月夜の蚕小屋" since 2016 ( ・"ヨクサルの小屋" since 2018 ( ここに暮らしてみると分かりますが、佐久穂町周辺は本当に食文化の高い地域です。 野菜、果物、山の地魚、ハムやウィンナー、パン、日本酒、味噌・醤油などの発酵食品など、食材からレストラン・cafeまで、個性溢れる素敵な人たちが土地に根ざした確かな食文化を築いています。 有名な観光名所などはほとんどありませんが、"確かな暮らし"がここにはあります。 僕たちが暮らす文化圏を、じっくりお楽しみ頂ければ嬉しく思います。 Hello, I’m Daigo. I live in a small village surrounded by mountains with my wife, our baby and a cat. The village name is Sakuho town in Nagano. My life changed a lot by experiences of building a cottage with my friends, and of being big influenced from the summer-cottage culture in Finland. My job and lifework is creating new countryside lifestyle and culture for our generation through building spaces by ourselves hands. I’m not professional carpenter, so it takes long time to build, but I would like to make spaces which is unique, individuality, warmly, and rooted in the lands. At this moment, I have finished to build three spaces and I would like to build more spaces little by little… ・"off-grid tiny cottage" since 2014 ( ・"old silk worm house" since 2016 ( ・"hut Juksul" since 2018 ( You must understand that food cultures in this area are really high when you stay here. Vegetables, fruits, fishes from mountain rivers, hams and sausages, breads, Japanese sake, cafes, restaurants… Many fascinating people build food cultures rooted in this area. There are no famous sightseeing spots, but there are excellent lives. I am so happy you enjoy our life cultures and spend relaxing time!

Payment Types

Moneybookers - Credit Card - Paypal -

Days : 3 | Nights : 2 | Hours : 24


  •     Cab Facilities
  •     Local tax
  •     Playground Nearby
  •     Return Ferry Tickets
  •     Bike equipment
  •     Complimentary Breakfast
  •     Local Guides/Maps
  •     Collision Coverage
  •     Transportation
  •     Restaurant Nearby
  •     Golf Nearby
  •     Deluxe Coach
  •     Central Air/Heat
  •     Parking
  •     Guides / Assistance
  •     Live entertainment
  •     Dinner
  •     Cruise
  •     Room service and meals
  •     Professional rental escort
  •     Beach Access
  •     Roundtrip Hotel Transfers
  •     Suitable for Children
  •     Historic Area Nearby
  •     Snowcat ride
  •     Admission to park(s)
  •     Driver
  •     Diving Nearby
  •     Service fee for rental guide
  •     Air Conditioning
  •     Internet Access
  •     Hotel pickup and drop off
  •     Amusement Park Nearby
  •     Gratuities (optional)
  •     Safety deposit boxes
  •     Lunch
  •     wheelchair
  •     Jetski rentals Nearby
  •     Shopping
  •     Deck Furniture
  •     Security System
  •     State/National Park Nearby


  •     Extra stay pre/post rental    
  •     Extra water bottle charges    
  •     Medicines required if any    
  •     Airfare & airport taxes    
  •     Visa charges    
  •     Insurance    
  •     Passport costs    
  •     All meals and drinks    
  •     Tips to coach drivers    
  •     Tips and Gratuities    
  •     Return Airport Transfer    
  •     Any optional rentals    
  •     Any airport arrival/departure tax    
  •     Alcoholic beverages    

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